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From innovative broker tools to affordable health insurance plans for your clients, there are plenty of reasons to partner with HealthSource RI.
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HealthSource RI is committed to helping insurance brokers licensed in Rhode Island better serve their small employer clients and easily connect with new ones. From powerful broker tools to invaluable employer resources, we give you and your clients everything you need to navigate—and improve—the process of selecting and purchasing employee health insurance.

Comprehensive support


Comprehensive support

HealthSource RI gives you access to a dedicated broker support team—and to innovative tools that help reduce your administrative burden while maintaining your commission relationship with health carriers. When you sign up small groups, we’ll transmit your information so carriers can pay you directly, just as they do now.

We’ll also help you connect your clients with new health insurance options that deliver better coverage at a lower price. Use our Savings Calculator to help your clients compare their choices and purchase the plan that best meets their needs. Or learn about our Full Employee Choice model, which helps small employers give their employees more choice, greater flexibility and maximum control over their healthcare coverage.

Whichever plan your clients choose, they can enroll at any time of the year during the renewal period. The plan will go into effect on January 1, 2015, or whenever their current plan expires. As always, small employers will pay for a percentage of the health insurance plan, and their employees will pay the difference.

If you have a question or need help at any time, our specialized broker team is available at




HealthSource RI’s broker certification process includes license verification and interactive training programs on our system and rules, the health plans we offer, and related Affordable Care Act information.

After completing the process, you’ll be able to create accounts for your clients, indicate a plan selection and contribution for each employer, and initiate employee enrollment periods. You’ll also be able to view aggregated and specific information about client accounts, so you can see which groups are up for renewal and which are behind on payment.

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Our Broker Toolkit helps certified brokers serve their small employer clients better, faster, and more efficiently—and makes it easy to connect with potential clients seeking broker support through HealthSource RI.

Custom web profiles

Quote management

Exclusive interactive tools


Custom web profiles

In 2014, more than 350 small employers and nonprofit organizations used HealthSource RI to connect employees to affordable, brand-name health insurance. And as we continue to increase our small employer numbers, we’re giving brokers new ways to connect with potential clients.

Our Broker Toolkit enables you to create and manage a custom webpage on—and to create your own profile in our new Broker Directory. Both opportunities make it easy for small employers to find you and get the support they need to offer their employees affordable, brand-name health insurance.


Quote management

The HealthSource RI Broker Toolkit helps you easily manage quotes and client insurance information. Our Quote Generator enables you to create and share multiple quote options for your small employer and nonprofit organization clients.


Exclusive interactive tools

In addition to a wide range of broker resources and an online Savings Calculator that helps you compare plan costs, HealthSource RI is pleased to offer ALEX—an exclusive interactive tool that reduces administrative hassle by guiding your clients’ employees through their plan options and helping them choose the right one.

ALEX asks employees basic questions about their medical needs and recommends the health plan that best suits their situation and budget. It even familiarizes them with complicated health insurance terminology so they can better navigate the process and make informed decisions about their coverage.

If your clients have questions about ALEX, they can find answers here.

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Compare Plans

For your small employer clients, providing employees with the affordable care and support they need to stay healthy is a challenge. HealthSource RI can help.

Full Employee Choice

Available plans


Full Employee Choice

One of very few models of its kind in the country, Full Employee Choice helps your small employer clients drive down healthcare costs and reduce administrative hassle—all while giving employees the freedom to choose from any of the 20 health insurance plans available through HealthSource RI.

By establishing a set contribution level, Full Employee Choice enables small employers to provide healthcare without worrying that the plan won’t meet each employee’s individual needs. It lets them:

  • Select a plan and contribution level that best fits their budget
  • Get renewal rates up to a year in advance
  • Give employees their choice of 20 different health insurance options—so they can find the coverage that best meets their needs
  • Write one check
  • Give employees 7-day-a-week access to Contact Center support
  • Focus on their business, not on health insurance

The following case study illustrates how the Full Employee Choice model works.

Maria owns a small manufacturing company in Pawtucket. She selects a plan that costs $500/month per individual. She decides to contribute $325/month toward the individual premium.

Maria’s employees can either pick the coverage she selected or choose another health insurance plan, using Maria’s $325 contribution to help pay the monthly premium. If the plan they select is more expensive, the employees pay more out of their paychecks. If the plan is less expensive, the employees pay less.

At the end of the day, Maria writes a single check to HealthSource RI and her employees can call our Contact Center if they have questions or need support.


Available Health Insurance Plans

HealthSource RI currently offers your small employer clients 20 employee plans from three insurance providers: Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Rhode Island, Neighborhood Health Plan of Rhode Island, and UnitedHealthcare. Dental plans are also available from Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Rhode Island, Delta Dental, and Guardian Health.

To compare plan rates, select one of the files below:

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